40-acre parcels available in the southern Sierra - Kennedy Meadows real estate

Note: There's another Kennedy Meadows way north near Sonora Pass.  Gets confusing.

In the "high country" above Kennedy Meadows.

What's Here:

  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Dark Sky for Astronomy
  • Horseback riding
  • Hunting
  • Pacific Crest Trail
  • Clean Air
  • Off-road vehicle trails

    41-Acre Parcel Sale      

    This is a rare opportunity to own lots of land in a gorgeous setting  just hours from Los Angeles (3.5 hours from Pasadena).

    The Kennedy Meadows area offers the closest mountain setting to Los Angeles where private land is still affordable.  

    Park  a trailer, pitch a tent, or build a cabin.

    These 40+ acre parcels enjoy an easement that heads toward the Dome Land Wilderness, the South Fork of the Kern River, and the Pacific Crest Trail, all within a mile.

    Unbeatable prices on unique 40-acre parcels Ė buy now or pay a lot more later for a lot less land.

    Current zoning allows two homes on each parcelógo in with family members and build on separate locations on parcel.  All parcels enjoy private easement to wilderness gate, from there, itís  a 15-minute walk to the river.

    Parcel 3: Locate above the head of the canyon with trees, spectacular rock formations and private access to thousands of acres of otherwise inaccessible public land. 

    Buy 41 acres, feel like you own thousands.  Some of the prettiest views in Kennedy Meadows.  

    $ 89,500


    Parcel 5: Great views, acres of great-view building sites at top of parcel.  Good access after quick fixes to interior road.  SW corner borders BLM land.



    Parcel 6: Offers many acres of flat land, with three hills.  The valley between two of them gives privacy but great views.  Agricultural uses may be possible.  Easy access to paved road.



    Parcel 7:  Space for building pad exists near road.  OR: Have the best view in Kennedy Meadows, high above everything else, with your own huge granite formations.  Upper property line (west) accesses BLM land, a high plateau area few people have even hiked. 




    Some of this land is still recovering from the Manter Fire more than a decade ago, and needs your love.  Some was untouched by the fire.  Sell firewood, or used downed timber for corals, rustic porch posts, etc. Drill a well and drip-water Poplars and Jeffery Pines to create a more beautiful environment and even higher land value within a few years.

     Current zoning is Mountain Residential, which allows two single-family homes (to be occupied by owner, owner's relatives or employees).


    Take a short drive to choice fishing locations on the South Fork of the Kern, hiking trails including the Pacific Crest Trail, or socialize at potlucks and other activities at the General Store.  

    Drive a few miles further into the "high country," and wander along peaceful streams in wildflower meadows surrounded by Ponderosa Pine and Spruce, with hundreds of miles of trails.


    Call us for a tour of the property.   




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